Book Review – The Unexpected Son – Shobhan Bantwal

9788172344689As I have mentioned in my previous reviews of  books by Shobhan Bantwal, I like what she writes. Her stories are simple and gripping in nature. You will be able to guess what is going to happen next but still you will turn the pages to finish the book, thats the beauty about her writing. She knows what works with a reader and she presents just that in right proportions. The Unexpected Son is her latest book which has just hit the stands and I received my review copy yesterday and here is the review.

The title of the book is self-explaintory. The book begins with a prologue, where the protagonist of the book, Vinita Shelke Patil receives a letter by anonymous person saying that her son is dying. Then the story goes back to 1976 where Vinita is a bright college going student in the city of Palgaum. She is the topper of her class and extremely good with extra curricular activities, specially Bharatnatyam dance form. She falls for the heart-throb of her college, Sohm Kori who is also the captain of the college cricket team and made a mistake which turned her life upside down. She had to leave everything behind and move to Bombay.

When Vinita received that letter, she decides to go back to Palgaum and look for her son to be with him and help him in whichever way possible. She had to deal with a lot of issues at the same time, lies told to her by her family, her husband’s behaviour when he gets to know the truth and to visit the ghosts of her past back in her home town. She takes everything head on and deals with various situations and creates more turmoil in everyone’s lives.

Overall, for me as a reader, the book worked. Tight narration, no over the top stuff, well framed characters and a smooth flowing story is what the book has got to offer you. Shobhan Bantwal’s writing for me is flawless and I am already looking forward to her next book.

Book Source : Publisher
Publisher : Fingerprint
Genre : Fiction
Price : Rs. 250/-

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