Book Review – The Sea Of Innocence – Kishwar Desai

the-sea-of-innocence-400x400-imadj76euzf7uypaThe Sea Of Innocence came in the mail one day. I didn’t remember agreeing to review it or the author/publisher (Simon & Schuster India) writing to me. But, the cover and the blurb of the book intrigued me and I thought, I will definitely read it but let me first find out how it came to me. Then, I saw the note attached with the book and that’s when I got to know how it came, thanks a friend who has been associated with publishing industry.

The book opens with Simran Singh holidaying in Goa when a video is sent to her on her mobile phone. The video showed that a foreign citizen is being raped by three men and was highly disturbing. It blew Simran’s mind off and she thought who would send her such stuff. Simran is a social worker cum crime investigator and was in Goa with her daughter. On finding out, Simran came to know that the girl in the video was a British citizen named Liza Kay, who has gone missing.

Simran wears her investigator’s cap in a mood when all she wanted was to relax and have a good time and tries to find out more about Liza Kay and her sudden disappearance. Amidst lies and dark facts about the place, she came across many people who knew Liza but none of them wanted to tell anything about her and then more video of the similar nature appear out of nowhere and then begins the roller coaster ride.

From page 1 till the end, the book was exceptionally gripping. But, at the same time I found some portions to be a bit draggy and unnecessary. Seeing the way the plot was tightened by the author, you can easily ignore all the flaws. This was the first time I was reading something by Kishwar Desai and she has successfully managed to impress me. The characters seem all real and intricately woven in the plot. The writing style is riveting and forces you to turn pages. The Sea Of Innocence by Kishwar Desai is definitely worth giving a shot. Its racy and unputdownable.

Publisher : Simon & Schuster
Genre : Fiction
ISBN : 978-1-47112-837-0
Price : Rs. 350/-

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