Book Review – The Last War – Sandipan Deb

FinalThe Last War by Sandipan Deb came up with a promising blurb. The modern day version of Mahabharata set up in the most dynamic city of India, Mumbai, The Last War by Sandipan Deb started on a very promising note for me. I also attended its book launch recently and it was quite a celebrity-studded event. Too many prominent names from journalism industry were there at the launch and the interactions between them made it a fun filled evening.

The review copy of The Last War was sent to me by the publishers before the World Book Fair and I started reading it then only. Read a couple of chapters and then got lost into the story as too many characters were introduced into the plot all of a sudden and it got a bit too much for me to handle it. I kept it aside for a while and again picked it up after I attended its launch but again the book didn’t work for me somehow, as I cannot handle the stories with too many characters in it. I lose their track.

You can read the blurb of the book here at the publisher’s website and decide for yourself if you wish to know more about this book – Here is the link . You might like it.

Book Source : Publisher
Publisher : Pan Books
Genre : Fiction
ISBN : 978-9-3826-1601-6

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