Book Review – The Hunters – Chris Kuzneski

the-hunters-if-you-seek-they-will-find-275x275-imadgz3ajkydkyt6I have a thing for black colour and when you see a book with a black cover and its title and author’s name written in golden letters with an interesting blurb, then there are no doubts that you are in for a treat and The Hunters by Chris Kuzneski was a real treat to read. Fast, racy and compelling, just what you need on a friday night after a scrumptious meal to mark the beginning of the weekend. The Hunters was my friday night pick up and I finished reading it in a single go. Fantastic is an understatement for this book.

The Hunters is about a team of renegades comprising of an ex-military leader, a historian, a computer wizard, a weapons expert and a thief which is financed by a billionaire philanthropist. This team is given tasks by the philanthropist to find the hidden and lost treasures of the world. The Hunters is the first book of the series and keeps the reader on the edge till the very end of the book.

The book has a multi layered plot with more than enough twists and turns to satisfy the reader who loves reading adventure books. This book is highly dramatic at times. Blending two main storylines the author somehow manages to keep the reader glued to the pages and the combination of history telling and adventure works well in it.

The hunters are on the mission to find a Romanian treasure which was stolen by Russians almost a century ago. Characterisations and the narration of the story are brilliant to say the least. I highly recommend this book and I can vouch for it that it would not disappoint you at all.

Book Source : Publisher
Publisher : Headline
Genre : Fiction, Adventure
ISBN : 9780755386475

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