Book Review – The Disillusioned – D.J.Williams

UntitledI am not an e-book person. I don’t know but I just can’t read them. There are some 10 e-books lying on my iPad unfinished. After a while, something disconnects me from finishing these books. The only e-book that I have successfully managed to finish is “The Satanic Verses” by Salman Rushdie and the reason behind this is the immense curiosity I had about the book. The Disillusioned, happened after a lot of procrastination. I request the author to send me its paperback but getting it shipped from US would have taken a bit of an effort but with the way the author followed up with me, I thought of giving this book a shot and once I started reading it, I was totally hooked.

Coming to the plot of the book, this is a story about a dysfunctional family living in Los Angeles, United States. The father, John Armstrong, a worldwide acclaimed pastor of the church, who was shot dead in Philippines while addressing a gathering. Carol Armstrong, the mother has got some psychological problem and she commits suicide leaving behind a quest for her sons Danny & Samuel. John Armstrong leaves a lot of money behind him and Carol in her will puts a clause that is Samuel and Danny are able to find a person mentioned in her will, then only they would be entitled for the inheritance.

When the will is read by their family lawyer to Samuel and Danny, they go numb and Danny sets out for Zambia where he can found the person named in the will and opens a pandora’s box for himself. Samuel, who is a popular music director, first ignores the whole thing but then sets out to help Danny when he realises that his brother needs him the most. A lot more happens as the story unfolds, new characters are introduced time and again and a lot of secrets are revealed about the family. Finally, the book ends on a satisfying note.

What worked for me in this book is the pace of the story, I also got a chance to interview the author over Skype and I told him that the idea of having short chapters adds up to the pace of a story and he agreed with my point. Also, the writing is simple and relatable. The Disillusioned is gripping, riveting and keeps the reader on its toes till its very last page. Also, the book has taught me something, if a book is good, then it doesn’t make a difference if you are reading its electronic version or a paperback. Thumbs up for D.J. William’s first novel and the book will be available at Amazon. Buy it from there and give it a shot.

Book Source : Author (Advance Review Copy)
Publisher : Westbow Press
Genre : Fiction
ISBN : 978-1-4497-8600-7

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