Book Review – The Book Of Joshua – Tanya Mendonsa

imagesThe cover of The Book Of Joshua is extremely sweet. I think it is one of the simplest and  cutest covers that I have in my personal collection of books. I had read a couple of reviews about this book and I wanted to read it because I am seriously contemplating on getting a dog but for some reasons I am not being able to do so. Well, that’s another story and I will share it here some other time.

The book touched my heart from the very first page. The way Tanya Mendonsa has written it makes you fall for it instantly. The book is mainly about Tanya’s Cocker Spaniel, Joshua, and the other animals that graced her life from time to time. The journey of Tanya’s life from Paris to Bangalore to Goa and finally Nilgiris along with pets she kept having from time to time has been described beautifully. But, the book of Joshua is about the special relationship she shares with Joshua from the time when he was a three weeks old puppy till he turned into a 15 year old dog.

There are a couple of things which could have been better in the book, like the flow of the story. I felt it was a bit staggered and breaks too frequently. Also, I felt that there were some long and not-so-required descriptions in the book. Also, as the title suggests that the book is about Joshua, it should have been kept that way only and should have focussed more on Joshua than anything else.

After finishing this book, my urge of getting a dog has increased by many folds and I guess the book will have exactly the same effect on every reader who reads it. It portrays dogs as if they are humans too and takes you to their world and helps you in understanding the way they behave and conduct themselves. It is a must read book for every dog lover and for those who are afraid of keeping pets.

Book Source : Publisher
Publisher : Harper Collins
Genre : Non-Fiction
ISBN : 9789350291375

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