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Long back, when I was studying, I borrowed this book from a friend, “If God Was A Banker”, the title was intriguing and my friend was praising the book too much, so I picked it up. Absolutely loved the book, recommended it as well to a lot of people. Post that, I never really kept a track of Ravi Subramanian’s books, in fact, to be honest, I had no clue that the Ravi Subramanian who started following me on twitter around a month back is an author, till I checked his bio.

I never really thought in my wildest dreams that I would actually get to meet Ravi, he was in Delhi recently and I got to meet him as well, my first one on one meet up with any author and he gave me a signed copy of his latest book that has got released on 19th October. Here is the pic of it, just to make reader of this post a bit jealous ! 😛 

Enough anecdotes now, lets get to The Bankster now. Honestly, there are very few thrillers that I have read in which you are not able to spot who is the real culprit, the same is the case with The Bankster. An absolute page turner, spread over 358 pages, 47 chapters, that would definitely make you bite your nails. I started reading it last night after meeting the author who has just been awarded with a popular choice award for his previous book “The Incredible Banker”.

The book opens with a man who lands up at Angola. There he strikes a deal in which he exchanges weapons for the world famous blood diamonds of Africa. Then the plot shifts to a family in Kerala, the head of the family accused for a crime that he hasn’t committed. The person is concerned about a social cause and with all his honesty and sincerity he is backing up the cause till some opportunists get involved with the whole thing and things take an ugly turn. A parallel plot runs in Mumbai at the GB2 bank, where their key employees get murdered one after the another, but every murder was presented as if those people have died in accidents and a suicide in one case.

I could hardly relate all these parallel plots, but the way they have been weaved together as the book progresses turned out to be complete shocker for me. The Bankster has definitely got all the elements of a best seller for sure and I would not be surprised if we get to see it in the best sellers list in the next coming weeks. The author knows how to keep the reader on his toes till the end and everyone who has read any of Ravi Subramanian’s books knows about his writing style. There is too much of banking involved, but it never creates any headache for the reader. The language is simple and you don’t need to refer to dictionary as well ! 😀

I am now looking forward to read “The Incredible Banker” as well and I think I am also gonna pick the rest of the books written by him pretty soon and for you who has read this post, go pick up the book. You would thoroughly enjoy it ! 🙂

Book Source : BlogAdda
Publisher : Rupa Publications
ISBN : 978-81-291-2048-9
Genre : Thriller

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4 thoughts on “Book Review – The Bankster – Ravi Subramanian

  1. Yatin, it was a pleasure meeting you in Delhi. Thanks for your invaluable insights into the world of blogging. It was an eyeopener for me. Am really glad that you liked the book. Your rview has made all the effort in writing the book, worth every bit of it. Thanks for the same. I look forward to your thoughts on The Incredible Banker too 🙂

  2. Thank you so much sir. I am glad you liked the review. I am going to read all your books and review them here. Already looking forward to the next book from you 🙂

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