Book Review – Ten Shades Of Life – Nethra A

17607257Writing a short story is a craft in which an author has to deal with so many intricacies and make sure that the reader’s mind doesn’t wander anywhere while reading a short story. I am not too fond of short stories because if I fail to grab the “points” of a short story, then I just stop reading them or try and re-reading the story once more. But most of the times, I just drop reading it. Afraid to say, this happened with 4 out of 10 stories of this book “Ten Shades Of Life”.

The interesting part about this book is all the 10 stories are from different genres. There is sci-fi, fantasy, romance, action, historical, horror, suspense, occupational, philosophical, all and all, I think all the genres that I know of have been covered by ┬áthe contributors. I am only wondering about a point that has been mentioned on the cover of the book, “Award winning stories”, I wonder which award these stories have won. Would have appreciated if the award’s name was mentioned with each story.

The 6 stories that I liked in the book were engaging and well crafted. The stories that I loved are by Roshan Radhakrishnan and Monika Pant. Overall, the book is a nice read. People who are fond of short stories can give it a shot.

Book Source : Publisher
Publisher : Mahaveer Publishers
Genre : Short Stories, various genres
ISBN : 978-935-0880-418

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