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750701696There are books that come with a promising blurb and an interesting cover and force you to lay your hands on them, Tantra turned out to be one of such books and I applied to review it through Blogadda. Lately, I have been reading a lot of debut Indian authors and somehow I feel they are not doing justice to their books (Not generalising there, some of them are exceptionally good). Tantra, turned out to be one such book for me, to be honest. I always try to read first 60-80 pages of a book no matter how draggy it is. The same thing I did with Tantra, it turned out to be a pretty disappointing read in the end for me.

Though, the kind of topics that the author has used to weave the story are pretty interesting and manage to hold your attention, but somehow things fall flat in the midway and you feel that the entire plot could have been presented in a much better way. Anu, the protagonist of the book is a vampire hunter who used to live in New York and has come to Delhi to seek revenge. New York was full of vampires and kept Anu always on her toes. She had an adventurous life there but when she comes to Delhi, everything flips for her.

The life in Delhi turns out to be not so interesting in the beginning for Anu. She sneaks out in the nights to search for vampire in an attire that would definitely attract the eyeballs of the commoners. One day, she meets Amit and that sets the ball rolling for her when Amit tells her that she wouldn’t find vampires that easily in Delhi. Its a lot different from what it was in New York for her. What no one knows in the book that Anu is here in Delhi to seek revenge for the love of her life. Also, Anu’s super annoying aunty is on a mission to get her married. She lines up boys for Anu and keeps nagging her all the time.

When Anu breaches into the territory of extremely dangerous vampires in her quest to seek revenge, that’s when the book becomes interesting. Anu wants to fight all of them alone and opens up a pandora’s box for her. Well, I wouldn’t say much about the plot of the book and leave it upon you to find out more.

According to me, what could have been better in the book

  • A tighter plot.
  • If the author could have told us about Anu’s life history in the beginning.
  • A bit less of narration, I found it to be absolutely useless at many places.

The book worked for me but in parts and somehow I managed to finish it up. I am not really sure if I would like to recommend it to people, but yes, if the stories about vampires and such things interest you, then you might give this book a shot.

Book Source : Blogadda
Publisher : Apeejay STYA
Genre : Fiction, Thriller
ISBN : 9788190863629

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