Book Review – Sophie Says – Judy Balan

sophie-says-400x400-imadjjemna5dtuvgJudy Balan’s first book, Two Fates – The Story Of My Divorce was a nice, breezy read because of which I picked up Sophie Says by her. Though I like the way she writes but Sophie Says failed to impress me much. The book worked for me in parts but overall was a disappointment. I dropped the book quite a few times while reading it and again picked it up thinking that it is a Judy Balan book and it cannot disappoint me but Alas!

Sophie Says is about a 30 year old something woman, Sophie. She is a commitment phobic person and has not been able to sustain any of her relationships for more than a ¬†year. Her family members are too worried about her marriage and the complimentary things that come with any Indian marriage. Belonging to a south indian conservative family where a girl should get¬†married and have kids in due time is the only goal of parents for their girl child, Sophie doesn’t want to get into any relationship but then enters Ryan.

Ryan’s unexpected entry and later Yatan’s introduction to Sophie’s life creates a bigger mess for her. Not to forget The Breakup Coach, that Sophie plays on her popular blog called “Sophie Says” where she gives tips for breakups and how to survive through them. Must say, some of the blogposts were quite hilarious and actually made sense. Through her blogposts she tells people about various things that may lead to a breakup and how to deal with it. Also, the required tools if you wish to breakup with your partner.

Overall, this 240 page book by Balan is something you may or may not like. What I would suggest is, keep your expectations low and then go for it. Judy Balan’s writing style is simple, relatable and will definitely tickle your funny bone at times.

Book Source : Publisher
Publisher : Westland Books
Genre : Fiction
ISBN : 978-93-82618-84-3

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