Book Review – Solar – Ian McEwan

SolarSolar was my first Ian McEwan book that I read on a recent trip and I absolutely binged on it during the whole journey. Right from the beginning till the end, I just kept turning paces and finished this 388 page book is almost six hours straight. Also, I am so impressed with Ian McEwan’s writing that I would be picking up more of his books soon. So, coming back to Solar, here is what this book is all about.

The protagonist of the book is a fat, middle-aged Nobel Prize-winning physicist named Michael Beard who is on not-so-good terms with his fifth wife Patrice. He had four failed marriages and dunno how many affairs and broken relationships. The astonishing fact here is, he is still childless because he couldn’t built a proper rapport with any of his wives.  He has also managed to send an innocent man to jail and also tries to steal another scientist’s plan to stop global warming.

The story has been told in third person but the author has successfully managed to pull the reader into Beard’s thought-process and psyche. Beard’s outrageous behaviour and the conditions in which he is living made me claustrophobic at times. The death of Tom Aldous with whom Beard was supposed to do a research project takes the entire plot of the book to a different level but towards the end as everything comes down with a pace to an abrupt  halt, it felt like the author badly wanted to finish this book.

Nevertheless, the book cracked me up several times and Ian McEwan’s writing is something I thoroughly enjoyed. The book is an entertainer and tightly grips you from the beginning. Give it a shot.

Book Source : Publisher
Publisher : Vintage Books UK
Genre : Fiction
ISBN : 978-0-099055534

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