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shoes-of-the-dead-400x400-imadjsgcsustmakqI have had the pleasure to listen to Kota Neelima at the Jaipur Literature Festival. It was on the Day 2 that I had the pleasure of listening to her with Dr. Devdutt Pattanaik discussing the sacred geography of India. The session was a sheer delight. On day 1 of Jaipur Literary Festival, I had missed the reading from her book Shoes Of The Dead. I had read a couple of reviews about this book and they were all praises about the book and when our very Blogadda came up with the review copies of the book, I applied for it and received my copy after a long wait, thanks to the courier company.

Shoes Of The Dead deals with an extremely sensitive issue that our country is facing, farmer’s suicides. Why is it happening and why can’t our government control these suicides. When you will read the book you will be able to figure out from where she got the inspiration to write this book and who all could be involved in certain things. She has mentioned in the author’s note as well, that she cannot point directly at the people and as a result had to overshadow them with various fictitious names though the situations are as real as they were. She has travelled extensively for the research related to this book.

Political turmoil created by the heir of an extremely strong political personality and an common man’s will power to seek justice for his brother’s suicide. The book begins with a session between Keyur Kashinath, son of a famous political leader Vaishnav Kashinath with a group of journalists and sarpanch of the region of Mityala. Gangiri, brother of Sudhakar Bhadra, a farmer who had committed suicide takes a pledge to get to the roots of the reason which forced his brother to take this step and change the situations in the Mityala region. Gangiri was discussion in this meeting between Keyur, first time MP and the journalists.

Political drama, changing equations, slyness and what not. This book is a detailed and well crafted account of what could have been the reason behind the sudden suicides and things related to it. It’s a pacy read and the writing grips you from the very beginning.

Coming to Kota Neelima’s writing. I think I am too small to comment on that. What I call say it I absolutely loved it. It never felt like I am reading a fictional story. I could relate various things to various people and incidents and could see where things are coming from. Also, 274 pages is an appropriate length to tell a story like this. Overall, I loved it and recommend it to everyone who loves reading stories set in the rural and political backdrops.

Book Source : BlogAdda
Publisher : Rain Tree Books, Rupa Publications
Genre : Fiction
ISBN : 978-91-291-2396-1

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