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Another book dropped in from BlogAdda some 4 days back and here I am to review it. Red Jihad, an intriguing title for a book by Sami Ahmad Khan. To begin with, it is about a battle in South Asia. Set in future 2014, the book opens with an air attack at Spin Boldak, Durand Line, Afghanistan by America. The book is intriguing and definitely engrossing since its very first page and I wanted to finish it in a single sitting. Alas! That couldn’t happen as festival season is on and I am occupied most of the time.

For a debut book, Sami Ahmad Khan has done a nice job. He has left no stone unturned to ensure that the plot of the book keeps a reader on his toes throughout. As the book is set up in future, the insight that he has given about Pralay, the nuclear missile, which was planned by Pakistani Jihadis and Indian Naxalites in coalition to be fired on Delhi, which eventually lands up in Lahore, are something that shows how much research has been put into the book. Also, the characters and the way twists and turns happen in the book makes it a interesting thriller. Though at times, you start getting a feel that the author is trying too hard to keep everything going, but eventually, Sami Ahmad Khan has successfully pulled it off.

There is too much drama in the plot which gets on to you, when a general is shouting to declare a war and the prime minister keeps saying no to it. Obviously a nuclear attack would psyche anyone out and more when something like this happens so unexpectedly that doesn’t give any time to evacuate your people and take necessary action and safety measures.

The characters of the book are well defined and have been intelligently handled by the author. The book is an out and out page turner. The way Pakistani Jihadi leader, Vasser Basheer’s and Indian Naxalite commander, Agyaat’s characters have been shaped up and developed in the book keeps you hooked to it. There is too much of planning, betrayal, lies, politics, deceit that is there in the book, but this is what you would expect when something is written taking India and Pakistan into consideration. Though, the message of humanity and friendship between India and Pakistan has been highlighter by the author but it gets lost in the plot of the book.

Though I must say, the thought process behind the book is something that has got some real wild imagination and tells you how imaginative can an author gets with things. Setting up a book in future definitely takes a lot of thought process and research based on the current scenario i.e. which country is up to what, what are they probably going to bring in future and all that jazz. Overall, Red Jihad by Sami Ahmad Khan is a fantastic read for those who like to read thrillers, I personally enjoyed it and I recommend it. Put it in your reading list.

Book Source : BlogAdda
Genre : Fiction, Thriller
ISBN : 978-81-291-1987-2
Publisher : Rupa Publications

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