Book Review – Powerplay – Parinda Joshi

power-play-the-game-is-on-400x400-imadkv39ahhkpt9hHaving worked for IPL for three continuous years was the reason I decided to pick up this book. Also, the protagonist, Keya Singhal was a marketing person of the Ahmedabad Rangers team was another reason to pick this book. This was the first time I was reading this author and she has managed to impress me. Witty and curt one liners, interesting plot and a smooth flowing story, Powerplay by Parinda Joshi is a good read.

Powerplay is a cocktail of many things just mixed in right proportions.Love, emotions, anger, betrayal, stingy moves, money games and scandals. The plot goes something like this. Ahmedabad Rangers, the IGL team is going through a rough phase. The team owners wants to sell of their team. Here comes Vivek Grewal, a 30 something, extremely good with what he does, mergers and acquisitions. He works as a vice president for M&A and because of his love and passion towards the game of cricket, he convinces an investor to buy the team. A lot of meetings, paperwork, layoff happen and just when the deal is about to happen, something goes wrong and everything starts rolling downhill.

Vivek & Keya fall into love but their equation is hit by several tremors before it blooms into a flower. Internal politics, corporate drama, office gossips, rumours and what not, everything has an important role to play in the book and just in right  quantity. Once you sail through first 30-40 pages of the book, it becomes unputdownable. The writing style is gripping and will not disappoint you at all. Powerplay, The Game Is On by Parinda Joshi deserves to be read. I am not really sure if you would want to return to this book again but you will definitely enjoy reading it for the first time.

Book Source : Publisher
Publisher : Fingerprint
Genre : Fiction
ISBN : 9788172344573

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