Book Review – Nothing To Lose – Lee Child

Lee Child, a popular name but this was his first book that I have read on a friend’s recommendation and Jack Reacher, what do I say about him, such a badass he is. Nothing To Lose had me from very beginning and as its a pretty long book, it took me 2 days to finish it.

Jack Reacher walks into the town named Despair which doesn’t welcome strangers. Despair doesn’t like strangers. At a local diner when Reacher asks for a cup of coffee, for which he has walked down so much, he was asked to leave. The bell of curiosity gets struck in his head and hence begins his personal mission to find out what exactly is wrong with the town. Also, during his quest to find what secret are the locals of Despair are trying to hide, he gets along with a woman and in the middle of nowhere, he gets every possible action. All and all, an action packed drama with lots of twists and turns.

Lee Child has definitely impressed me. The character that he has made in form on Jack Reacher shows up to what heights he can go with this character. The way he twists the story out of nowhere kept me hooked to the book. I just kept on reading and reading it till it got over and left me craving for more. I am surely going to pick up another book from the Jack Reacher series soon. And for those who love thrillers and haven’t read Lee Child yet, pick up his book next time you plan to shop for books.

Book Source : Random House India
Publisher : Bantam Press
Genre : Thriller, Fiction
ISBN : 978-0-593-05703-2

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