Book Review – Not Only The Things That Have Happened – Mridula Koshy

not-only-the-things-that-have-happened-400x400-imadeuevn3hudzhyWhenever I used to go to the bookstores, I used to have encounters with this book. I find its cover extremely intriguing. A couple of times I read one or two paragraphs of this book and made a mental note of buying it the next time but it never really happened. Thanks to the publishers, who sent in a review copy and the book lived up to my expectations. Though the cover turned out to be deceptive but there was never a single moment when I felt like stop reading this one.

Not only the things that have happened in a story about a mother and her lost child. The love, the longing and the events that led to their separation. Annakutty Verghese is about to die. She had a son from a wedlock that she was willing to giveaway for adoption some 30 years back. The story spans in a 36 hour period and goes into past and future simultaneously between Kerala and United States. After losing her child whom she addresses as “The Lost Boy”, Annakutty keeps searching for her over the years but never meets any success.

Asa Gardner, Annakutty’s son was adopted by a German couple and the father leaves the child in Delhi intentionally. He is introduced in the second part of the book. His life is not something that Annakutty had hoped for him. After being abandoned by the German couple, Asa’s stint to find his identity begins during which he becomes friends with Little Madhu,¬†Little Madhu and the other beggar children living on the platform. His life takes a whole new shape altogether and he starts learning their ways. Just when Asa was getting comfortable in his new life, he was rescued by an adoption agency and then is adopted by an American couple who take him to America.

Mridula Koshy’s this book is a poignant tale about the mother and the son. The love, regret, loneliness, sadness, the search of identity and various other emotions come out beautifully through her words. A reader may find it a bit difficult to get hang of this book in the beginning but once you get hold of the story, you will not be able to put the book down.

Book Source : Indiblogger
Publisher : 4th Estate, HarperCollins
Genre : Fiction
Price : Rs. 499/-

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