Book Review – Narendra Modi – The Man, The Times – Nilanjan Mukopadhyay

9789382618478Narendra Modi, let me define him with a widely used quote here, “You can love him, you can hate him, but you just can’t ignore him”. Well, with 2014 elections in the limelight these days, media, social media, people, journalists and common man is going berserk about who is going to be the next PM. Long debates, futile arguments and discussions are everywhere. Amidst all this, Tranquebar Press released a book about the man himself penned down by Nilanjan Mukhopadhyay which caught my attention. I am not a keen follower of politics but I am not ignorant too. So, I thought why not give this book a shot and learn more about the man who is the reason behind tremors felt by almost every medium of mass media.

The book begins with how the idea of writing about the man was conceived. Nilanjan Mukopadhyay was not really sure if Narendra Modi would open up to him and would provide him with enough information, facts and trivia for his research. Well, the book is a proof of the fact that it actually happened and how has been candidly explained in the book. Author’s first meeting with the CM of Gujarat at his office and then about the series of meetings that followed.

The book has got close to 400 pages and focusses on almost each and every aspect of Narendra Modi’s life. Right from his childhood to how he came into the power, so much so that the world knows him now for all the right and wrong reasons depending on how they look at the things.

The progress of Gujarat, the challenges faced by the man, Gujarat riots, Earthquake and recovering from everything that happened and the challenges thrown by the situations on the man have been dealt in the book quite logically, I personally felt so. At times, the author endorses Modi’s actions but never fails to criticise him too as and when required as per his sensibilities.

Overall, I enjoyed reading this book. Though it took me quite some time to finish this one but now I have an idea about what is Narendra Modi all about and I am eager to know what future holds for the man who is considered as the next big thing for our nation.

Book Source : Publisher
Publisher : Tranquebar Press
ISBN : 978-93-82618-47-8

One thought on “Book Review – Narendra Modi – The Man, The Times – Nilanjan Mukopadhyay

  1. I started reading this book hoping to get some insight into Modi’s life and his rise to become such a charismatic leader of our time. But only insight I got was about author’s hatred towards the man. The pace of the book is a drag and I ended up leaving it mid-way.

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