Book Review – My Brother’s Wedding – Andaleeb Wajid

my-brothers-wedding-400x400-imadjmmrstfmdyuyWith an interesting cover and title, I picked this book as soon as I saw it. Blogging is something I enjoy and more so when you run a secret blog which none of your friends, family and people you interact with know about. The same is the theme of this book by Andaleeb Wajid but I am afraid the book didn’t live up to my expectations, though somehow I managed to finish it.

The book looked promising in the beginning but after some chapters, I felt that it lost it tracks and the entire storyline went haywire. I so wish that the author has kept everything in terms of blog posts only and had let the story flow like that. It would have been much more interesting. Introducing the real characters who were named Q,Y,X,T and B didn’t add much to the story and left me confused.

Also, I thought the book will be about the narrator’s brother’s wedding but narrator’s love story, her sister’s story and many other little heres and theres took the finesse of the entire plot away and was a disappointment. Though, I must say that the way the book has been written would definitely grip you. You would want to turn pages but in the end, Alas!

Coming to Andaleeb Wajid’s writing style, it is simple, witty and makes you laugh at times. There is nothing wrong with her writing style. My only problem is with the way she has structured the book, as I said earlier in this post, had it been only blog posts, it would have been more fun reading it.

Book Source : Publisher
Publisher : Rupa Books
Genre : Fiction
ISBN : 978-8-1291-2399-2

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