My Beloved’s MBA Plans – Disha

my-beloveds-mba-plans-400x400-imadnaz9bxevxpjsIf I have to sum up this book in one line, I would say its a perfect concoction of love and ambitions. Disha’s debut book is a well thought idea and definitely put in an extremely gripping way. I finished reading this 110 page book within two hours of receiving it.

When the author first wrote to me for a review, I had blatantly said no to her because of shortage of time and due to other commitments but when she quoted a dialogue from Shawshank Redemption, which happens to be one of my favourite movies which is “Hope is a good thing; may be the best thing to have”, that is when I instantly decided that I will read this book. And now after finishing it, I have no qualms in saying that, hope is just I was looking for and this book has restored my faith in this line “It will all be fine in the end”.

My Beloved’s MBA Plans is about couples who sacrificed, adjusted, longed for their partners so that they can fulfil their dream of doing MBA from a prestigious institute. As the author herself is a student of IIM Calcutta, she has interviewed couples who are living on the campus to complete their course.

15 couples and author’s friend have shared their stories about how the idea of getting a post-graduation degree from IIM-C got conceived in their mind and how they worked towards it. All the stories had two things in common, the dedication towards their goal and the support from the family, friends and their better-halves.

Leaving a settled life and creating financial insecurities is something that needs lots of guts and planning and each person mentioned in the book took the plunge and came out victorious in the end. As they say, you cannot get everything in a single dish, almost each one of them missed out on a lot of precious time and moments with their loved ones but in the end all these sacrifices paid of really well.

I must congratulate Disha, the author of this book for coming up with a book like this. Though I would have loved to know the real people behind these stories but keeping in mind their own personal reasons, I would not raise this issue any further. Disha has made sure that she maintains the simplicity in her writing so that it can easily be read by anyone and everyone. The book grips you from the word go and inspires you at various levels. Thumbs up to My Beloved’s MBA Plans from me and I am definitely going to recommend it to a lot of people I know.

Book Source : Publisher
Publisher : Srishti Publishers
Genre : Fiction
Price : Rs. 100/-

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