Book Review – Mumbai’s Dabbawalla – Shobha Bondre

( The original book is in Marathi. It has been translated into English by Shalaka Walimbe )

Mumbai works in different layers. A lot of things happen there that look so insignificant as you see them but when you actually get to know about them, you are awed by them. One such thing is the system that Mumbai Dabbwalla follows. I had no clue about the way they operate and how they evolved with time till I read this book.Mumbai's Dabbawalla

The book opens with London Beckons, where Raghunath Medge, the man who has made it all happen and president of Dabbawallas association flies with one of his colleagues to London to attend Prince Charles’s wedding. This was certainly a huge honour for the Dabbawallas of Mumbai and how it all happened comes in the next chapters.

The way that these Dabbawallas operate, this case study was done by some MBA students and thats how everything came into limelight. Forbes Magazine, Guiness Book, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, Awards from IIMs, California University, BBC, CNN, Zee News, NDTV, Star, India Today and many other popular names in the worlds did several features on them. And not to forget the Six Sigma award.

In this book, the story is narrated by Raghunath Medge himself and Shobha Bondre. Raghunath has explained how it all started and how his father used to take care of everything before he took the charge. Almost everything has been told in the book very clearly and in the most simple language. I was absolutely hooked to the book and took it everywhere with me. Finished the book while I was getting my vehicle serviced at a service station.

As a translator, Shalaka has done a fine job. She has managed to keep to essence of the book and has also made sure that everything is kept simple. Not too much brain raking is required to read and understand the book. It just flows and takes you in the honest and hardworking world of the Mumbai Dabbawallas.

I salute their spirit !

Book Source : Publisher
Publisher : Westland Books
Genre : Non-Fiction
ISBN : 978-93-82618-23-2

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