Book Review – Mom In The City – Kausalya Saptharishi

mom-in-the-city-400x400-imadn3bfcuh3xvunI was in two minds when the author first wrote to me about reading and reviewing this book. I wasn’t really sure if I would like to read something of this genre. Also the increasing workload and increasing pile of review copies on my shelf were another reasons that were forcing me to not to say yes. As that’d have been unfair to the author and to the book as well, I accepted to review this book and I am happy and content after reading this one. Mom In The City defines a new genre, mom-lit and it is definitely first of its kind of book that I have read.

The book is about Iravati (Ira), a publishing professional, a mom, a divorcee and above than all a woman who never thought her life could show her these colours ever. Ira’s life revolves around her two and a half year old son, Abhi. After moving back from US to Delhi, Ira enrolls her son at Bumblebees, a posh playschool in the heart of the Delhi. Trying to fit into the new lifestyle and a city, it is not easy for Ira to keep up with everything. Dealing with emotional stress, work-life stress and being a mother isn’t easy for her.

Ira meets several other mothers at Bumblebees, all trendy and outgoing women. Their life is all about thinking, talking and doing exotic, be it clothes, food, holidays or throwing parties on various occasions. Ira slips a lie about her marriage so that she doesn’t feel ousted from this circle. Apart from all this, her best friend Priya pulls Ira into her past by making Vasu come back into her life and there begins a series of lies, awkward moments and various other situations that Ira finds difficult to cope with.

Overall, Mom In The City is an intimate and poignant read, as the blurb says. Being a man myself, I could understand what Ira is going through, how tough it is for her to keep up with everything. The writing has got a flair that pulls you into Ira’s story and establishes a connection between the reader and the protagonist. This was the first time I was reading Kausalya Saptharishi’s work and I am mighty impressed with her writing style. Everything worked for me in the book and I couldn’t resist myself laughing out loud at various situations in the book. I strongly recommend this book.

Book Source : Publisher
Publisher : Random House India
Genre : Fiction
Price : Rs. 250/-

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