Book Review – Midnight’s Children – Salman Rushdie

midnight-s-children-275x275-imadgv4ex5aa2nhgI am a Salman Rushdie fan. Though I have not read all his books but I liked all the books by him that I have read. Though, I agree with the fact that not everyone can read his books because it takes a lot of patience and time to understand his style of writing. Midnight’s Children took me over 1.5 months to finish because it is a big book and I was reading it slowly and steadily. The book that has won best of the best Booker Prize award must be given the time it deserves and I absolutely loved reading it and I guess I am going to read it again in future. Also, the book has been made into a movie and I am one of the many unlucky ones who hasn’t got the chance to watch the movie yet.

Anyone who can write a good story and compels me to sail through the book is a great author for me. Salman Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children lived up to my expectations and at times it crossed the barriers as well. Also, I would recommend this to all those people who have just began reading that DO NOT, and I am again saying this, DO NOT PICK UP ANY OF SALMAN RUSHDIE’s books in the beginning. You would end up hating him for no reason, like most of the people on this planet do.

I would not talk about the plot of the book here because its not required and everyone knows what happens in the book. All I would say it, if you are a sucker of flamboyant writing with a good story, Salman Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children is PERFECT for you. Pick it up as soon as possible!

Book Source : Publisher
Publisher : Vintage Books, Random House
Genre : Fiction
ISBN : 9780099582076

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