Book Review – Lustrum – Robert Harris

imagesRobert Harris’s Lustrum was one of the random pics. I wanted to read a thriller. I always keeps thrillers at my disposal whenever I am in a mood to read something engrossing and riveting. Lustrum is a sequel to Imperium, it deals with the career of Cicero after he has achieved the consulship. I haven’t read Imperium but I never felt I was missing on something while reading Lustrum. Set up in Rome, the book is full of twists, turns, violent action, greed, corruption and what not. Every page has got a new flavour to offer. You can’t just put the book down.

This is the second book about Cicero’s life. A third book is also supposed to come. As is the way with trilogies, and also what I have read about Imperium, the first book of the trilogy, it is written with the intention of making us love the main character, love them enough to want to follow them through another two books. This book is the “second act”, the book where all the odds are stacked against our hero, and he is left to face death, destruction, ruin. Also, the narrator of the book, Tiro is wise and sympathetic. He was Cicero’s loyal slave and amanuensis, the inventor of shorthand, and the author of a multivolume biography of his master, who is now lost.

Being my first Robert Harris book, I was not expecting much out of it. I was like, I will read first 50 pages of the book and if it didn’t capture my interest, I am going to put it down but it  never happen. I finished reading this one in two sittings and have ended up recommending it to a lot of people who love reading thrillers and historical fiction.

Book Source : Publisher
Publisher : Arrow Books
Genre : Fiction, Thriller
ISBN : 978-0-0995-2269

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