Book Review – Luka And The Fire Of Life – Salman Rushdie

The more I read of Rushdie, the more I fall in love with his writing. I just don’t understand from which part of his brain he churns out such intricate and interesting stories that keep you hooked to his books. I have read his Satanic Verses ( from a PDF file ) and Luka And The Fire Of Life is the third book of his that I have read. In between, I read Haroun. I think both the books Haroun and Luka And The Fire Of Life could be the best gifts that an author father could have given to his children.

It is usually tough to connect with Rushdie’s books in the beginning but if you sail through first fifty pages of his books, you are hooked to them. Same thing happened with Luka And The Fire Of Life. Luka’s two pets, the dog named bear and the bear named dog. Luka’s is a 12 year old kid of Rashid Khalifa, a master story teller of the village named Kahani. One day, Rashid sleeps in a deep sleep and Luka, to save his father, has to go on a mission to find Fire Of Life. He has to cross many levels in the magical world to reach the burning Fire Of Life. It felt like some kind of video game is on where Luka, if he crossed a level, then only he would be escalated to the next level with some magical life and a lot of jazz.

The first 100 pages of the book are fast paced and then it begins getting slow. You got to be patient and sail through the book. Adapt yourself to the magical world and flow with the story. Give it a read, Salman Rushdie has not disappointed me so far and I am sure he would not disappoint you as well.

Book Source : Random House India
Publisher : Jonathan Cape
Genre : Fiction, Fantasy Fiction
ISBN : 978-0-224-06162-9

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