Book Review – Losing It – Dhruv Gupta & Prachi Gupta

Image.ashxWeight loss is something that I am concentrating on these days and in my quest I am picking up books that can guide me through the process. Though nothing substantial has happened on the weight loss front but in the process I have figured out some great books which makes the whole weight loss thingy look so easy and logical. Losing It by Dhruv Gupta and Prachi Gupta is one such book. It can be used as a guidebook to learn and practice what to do and what not to do.

The book is divided into 17 well written chapters which will break your myths about food, exercising and many other things. This book mainly focusses on the kind of food that one must eat if he/she is thinking of losing weight. I am sharing the titles of all the 17 chapters here which will give you  a fair idea about the book, these chapters are further divided into subparts and everything has been explained in an extremely convincing way.

1. Why Lose Weight
2. What Makes You Fat
3. Nutrition Explained
4. Is that really food for weight loss
5. Foods that gets a bad name
6. Foods to help you lose weight
7. Weight Loss Fads
8. Supposedly Healthy – This is my favourite chapter from the book.
9. Tips & quick fixes
10. Healthy eating – out guide – another interesting chapter for people who love to eat out.
11. Did You Know? – Focuses on why people gain weight with age and why do some people never gain weight.
12. Weight Loss Myths – Another interesting chapter from the book.
13. What’s holding back your weight loss? – If you are wondering why aren’t you losing weight despite doing every possible effort, this chapter would answer some of your questions
14. What else can help you lose weight?
15. Exercise
16. Exercise Myths
17. Success stories : Here the authors have shared some success stories of people who have lost weight. Quite inspirational.

Losing weight doesn’t imply starving yourself. It is much more than that and this book by Dhruv Gupta and Prachi Gupta would tell you most of the things that one needs to know.

More details about the book are available on the website –

Book Source : Publisher
Publisher : Macmillan
Genre : Non-Fiction
ISBN – 978-93-82616-03-0

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