Book Review – Lose A Kilo A Week – Nishi Grover

9788184001990My resolution for 2013 is to lose weight and Lose A Kilo A Week is going to be my help/guide book in the process. I am glad I picked up this book and couldn’t put it down till I read its last page. Lose A Kilo A Week makes you feel so positive and determined towards the weight loss process and Nishi keeps repeating a single thing throughout the book “You Are What You Eat” and which one of my twitter friends ( @Gorakhargosh ) keeps saying in his tweets as he is working out a lot on his body and wants people to take their health and things related to it quite seriously.

Lose A Kilo A Week is divided into three parts. First part focusses on why a person is fat, what the factors that play a role in putting up weight and the problems that may happen because of overeating and not taking care of your body and eating habits. In the second part of the book, she explains about the CCQ Diet. CCQ means Low Cab, Low Carb and Low Quantity diet here. Nishi strongly recommends to keep a proper check on what you are eating and when you are eating and in what quantity you are eating. Also, through various diet chats and calorie counts and examples, she has successfully managed to convince me about various things. The third part of the book is dedicated to “How to maintain your weight”. It is actually important. Losing weight is okay but one has to maintain it with time.

All and all, I am super impressed with this book and I have already started recommending it to a lot of people around me. It is a guide book that I am sure you would love to follow if you are in the process of losing weight and maintaing a healthy body.

Book Source : Publisher
Publisher : Random House India
Genre : Diet, Self Help
ISBN : 978-8-184-00199-0

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