Book Review – Let’s Talk Money – Akhil Khanna

lets-talk-money-by-akhil-khannaBefore I begin talking about this book, let me tell one fact about myself here, I am extremely bad when it comes to managing finances. I always seek advice from people around me before doing anything and I am on a constant prowl about it. Akhil Khanna’s book had an interesting blurb. Quoting Warren Buffet in the blurb of the book and adding a third point to it is what made the book click for me and I requested for a review copy of it.

The book does a good job when it comes to explaining concepts related to managing finances. What worked for me is simple language and the methodology adopted in the book to explain various financial know-how things. I am extremely bad with financial jargon and thanks to Akhil he didn’t use much of it. There are 10 chapters in the book namely, money, property, business and commodities, fixed income, debt, global environment, risk to investments, insurance, invest in happiness, world financial crisis 2008. Each chapter is insightful in its own way and carries enough weight to sort some basic queries that every person has related to money. At least, it did sort a few for me.

Coming to Akhil’s writing style, I am happy that he stuck to basics and made everything look simple. Overall, a thumbs up from my side for the book. Give it a shot.

Book Source : Author
Publisher : Times Group Books
Genre : Non-Fiction
ISBN : 978-93-80942-88-9

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