Book Review – Jobless, Clueless, Reckless – Revathi Suresh

m275To begin with, the title of the book defines the current situation of a person known to me. Jobless, Clueless, Reckless is a book that deals with teenage problems. When you are actually clueless about what is happening with you, why everything is changing so quickly and why you are always cranky and why can’t the world understand you. Happens with everyone. Happened with me and I am sure it has happened with the reader of this post as well.

The book opens with “Disappeared”, where Kavya, the teenager and the protagonist of the book is having a Manisha day. Manisha is Kavya’s childhood friend or more like an acquaintance but suddenly Manisha has just disappeared and Kavya couldn’t fathom this fact. She keeps missing Manisha like anything and also wondering why she left so abruptly.

Kavya has a brother Dhrittiman and like all siblings, peace between her and her brother is next to impossible. They just keep having arguments and fights all the time. There are so many issues that Kavya faces with her friends, mother and father that one can relate with at different levels.

Revathi Suresh, the author has definitely understood what actually happens to a person during his teenage years and she is not a teenager. The book is constantly humorous and gives you insight about various things. People who love reading chicklits would surely find this book tempting enough to finish it in a single read.

Book Source : Publisher
Publisher : Duckbill Books, Westland
Genre : Young Adult Fiction
ISBN : 978-93-82618-15-7

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