Book Review – Indianomix – Vivek Dehejia & Rupa Subramanya

images-1I have this habit of reading book reviews on various portals and one of such reviews inspired me to read this book. The reviewer said that this book focuses on the most common problems we see in our day to day lives and why it happens. Both the authors have scanned the problems mentioned in the book from an economist’s perspective as both of them are popular economists.

The authors have focussed on mere problems like why does auto rickshaw drivers refuse to take you even if that means they are would going without any passenger, why Indians have this habit of coming late, why people do not wear seat belts while driving a car and various such things. Both the authors have tried to explain these problems using the concepts of evolutionary biology, game theory and statistics, to name a few.There is also a chapter on violence against women, which throws out some surprisingly wild statistics.

Again a long and a slow read for me, Indianomix but worth all the time I spent with this book. I was reading this one simultaneously with many other books like I always do. This is another book that would definitely add some feathers to your collection of books related to economics in your library. Its a groovy and gripping read. There are things statistics and data that would totally blow off popular beliefs and this is what makes this book an exceptional read. Give it a shot.

Book Source : Publisher
Publisher : Vintage Books, Random House India
Genre : Non-Fiction
ISBN : 978-8-184-00121-1

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