Book Review – I Kissed A Frog – Rupa Gulab

i-kissed-a-frog-and-other-sotries-275x275-imadh938epe7dntcOkay, so chicklits are definitely not my thing but then there are times when you just don’t want to read something heavy. All you crave for is nice, “in your face” kind of stuff and I kissed a frog didn’t disappoint me at all. Finished it in a single seating last night and thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I first got to lay my hands on this book when I was at the World Book Fair, Delhi and its copies came straight from the press to be displayed there. Someone from Pac Macmillan’s editorial team told me that this book is a whacky twist to the genre of chicklits and I definitely agree there though I haven’t read many chicklits. 😛

Okay, so the book is divided into three parts. Part 1, Love and other four letter words consists of 4 short stories where there is too much confusion about love. Hell’s Angel, Love in F Major, Welcome to the sisterhood and Heavy Weather are the titles of the stories in this part of the book and all of them are equally good.

Second part of the book, The Friendship Diaries is what I enjoyed the most. Having 5 short stories under this section, Rupa Gulab have touched pretty sensitive topics here with a tinge of tanginess and a bit of masala. The Ex-Files, Best friends and boyfriends, Diet Wars, Au Revoir, Wannabe Mum are the stories under this section.

Third part of the book has got 8 ultra short stories with a graffiti in each one of them. My not so favourite part of the book but the moral given at the end of each story is something I kept sharing on twitter while reading this book and it made people go ROFL.

So, all and all, I Kissed a Frog by Rupa Gulab is a funny read. Definitely spicy and here is what would define the book in one sentence

“Girls aren’t really made of sugar and spice and everything nice”

Book Source : Publisher
Publisher : Pan Books
Genre : Short Stories
ISBN : 978-93-82616-05-4

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