Book Review – Hotel Vendome – Danielle Steele

Hotel-Vendome-Steel-Danielle-9780385343176Danielle Steele needs no introduction. When I got a chance to pick Hotel Vendome by her, I agreed for it in no time. I read this book in November and couldn’t find time to write a review for it. So, without wasting any more space, words and time, let’s get on with the plot of the book.

Hughes Martin has a loving family. His wife and his only daughter Heloise and then infidelity came into play. His wife falls for a rockstar and leaves her family. Hughes Martin is extremely shattered with the happenings but he wants to make sure that his daughter Heloise should get a proper upbringing. Heloise loves her father is too protective about him and vice versa. But when a prospective love interest threatens his relationship with his only daughter, Hughes knows that he has some heavy decisions to make and this marks the beginning of a roller coaster ride of human relationships. Why Hotel Vendome? Well, Hughes Martin is a hotelier and his daughter is too fond of the hotel and its staff.

Most of the book is a narrative and there is very less interaction between characters but the story just flows. I just kept turning pages and never really got bored. The book is about the father daughter love than anything else and I am sure a person who loves reading about human relationships would definitely like this one.

Book Source : Publisher
Publisher : Bantam Press, Random House
Genre : Fiction
ISBN : 978-038-5343-176

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