Book Review – Heirs Of Catriona – Anusha Subramanian

I got to know about this book from Ravi Subramanian, who himself is an established author with books like The Bankster,heirs-of-catriona-275x275-imadekfygzfrwyex The Incredible Banker and others. Anusha Subramanian is his daughter. I was amazed to know that Anusha wrote this book when she was 12 and I must say she does know how to tell a story, like father, like daughter. Now let’s talk about the book.

Heirs Of Catriona is about Sara and Crystal and their quest to get their mothers Anastasia and Olivia released from Merrisa’s captivity. Sara and Crystal one day suddenly find out about their magical powers and their mothers and the magical world of Catriona when an old man lands up at their store. In no time, both Sara and Crystal figure out the way to enter the magical world of Catriona and are filled with stories about their parents and the dreadful conditions of Catriona.

Now to save their mothers, Sara and Crystal have to fight their way out in the enchanted lands of Catriona. They meet several people who help them and try to stop them with all their will and magical power. Towards the end, the bo
ok ends on an unfinished note and we know that there is going to be another book in this series!

Anusha Subramanian has brilliantly used her creative imagination and have developed a whole new world. Though, I felt she is inspired from J.K Rowling’s epic Harry Potter series and other stuff which is quite okay. The book didn’t work for me at certain points but towards the end, I felt satisfied and I would like to read the next one in the series.

Three cheers for Anusha Subramanian’s Heirs Of Catriona and if you are into young adult fiction, then give it a shot and people who are looking for a story to make an animated movie, Anusha’s book has got something really promising for you.

Book Source : Author
Publisher : Rupa Publications
ISBN : 9788129120403
Genre : Young Adult Fiction

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