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garbage-beat-275x275-imadeuevtzzehsdhI have this thing for books related to media industry. The reason behind this could be that I have too many friends working in media industry and hence I get to know behind the scenes story and various anecdotes from them from time to time. When I first read the blurb of the book “Garbage Beat”, I had put it in my list. Harper Collins India was kind enough to send me a copy and the book became my weekend read. Right from the first page till the end, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this one because the book clearly reflects what exactly happens when you are running a popular daily show on a news channel.

Laila, the protagonist of the book, is a career oriented girl and after working her guts off, she gets her own show to anchor, “Filmy Masti”. Her boss Bunny is one hell of a task master and she makes sure that she keeps everyone in her team on their toes, she is sarcastic to the core and spews abuses like anything. Laila’s father is not happy with her career choice and gets even more upset when he learns that she would be reporting about entertainment industry. Her relationship with her boyfriend Rehan also goes for a toss with time because she was not able to give too much time to him because of her work.

Running from here and there all the time in search of stories and accomplishing tasks assigned by Bunny, Laila makes several mistakes but as her boss knows she is just the perfect person for the job, Bunny shows full faith in her and keeps saving her from the wrath of the top brass of the channel. Laila’s life gets directionless, and when she realises it, it gets too late and now you need to read the book to find out what happens with her in the end.

Richa Lakhera has made sure that the reader is hooked to the book. If you are okay with conversations where people are abusing like anything (Which actually happens in media industry), trying to outdo each other, internal politics and the amount of hard work and time goes into filing one story to be put up on air, then Garbage Beat is a book that you must pick up. Every character in the book is clearly defined and has got a role to play. The book is hilarious at times and cracked me up real bad. Full marks to Richa for coming up with this book. I loved reading this one.

Book Source : Publisher
Publisher : Harper Collins India
Genre : Fiction
ISBN : 978-93-5029-397-3

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