Book Review – Free Fall – The Journey Home – Rohini Singh

free-fall-the-journey-home-400x400-imadkzkjfqupzt9hSelf-help books are all about “gyaan” and that’s the reason some people loathe them. Who wants to learn things by reading them? With “go practical” syndrome hitting every brain in this era, no one wants to read books and learn.

Rohini Singh’s book came in with an interesting blurb. I have always enjoyed self-help books in which the things are said in the form of a story. It is definitely a much better way to put things across a reader, at least for me it always works but I look for a story in everything.

For me, this book was all about making the right choices from the sea of choices that are always available with you. Shona, a parrot, wants to live her life in her own way. She is extremely thankful to her mother Sheila, a human being who saved her life and made sure that Shona lives like a princess.

But one day, one dream changes everything for Shona. She wants to leave everything else behind and fly and explore her life. She had been bred in captivity and never knew about the world outside. Shona 2 explains her the purpose of her life and asks Shona to make a choice. Shona 2 plays a guide and a protector for Shona throughout and helps her in discovering the real purpose of her life and she does.

One line that will stay forever with me after reading this book is this quote “It is all about understanding that there is always a choice.” and many such lines that are hard hitting and push you to introspect.

Also, Rohini Singh’s writing style is extremely soothing. It just flows and you keep turning pages. I finished reading the book in some good 3 hours. The illustrations are lovely and makes the book look lively. I enjoyed reading it.

Book Source : Author
Publisher : Hay House India
Genre : Self-Help/Parable
Price : Rs. 299/-
ISBN : 978-93-81431-31-3

One thought on “Book Review – Free Fall – The Journey Home – Rohini Singh

  1. Free Fall can only be categorised as a self-help book filled with gyan if one has not got the essence of Shona’s experience. Shona’s journey is each ones journey of trying to fly, fail, fly again….

    It is a gentle and yet not so gentle reminder that ‘trust’ in the Big Picture is the only way to be. We are bound by our conditioning, form and our thoughts and feelings…..Through Shona and her higher intelligence [Shona2], Rohini exhorts her readers to trust the ‘radar’ within and find the true self.

    No gyaan, this. Just the ultimate truth. Simply put….it can be misleading and some may read it from their ‘perch-pective’ and believe no further layers exist.

    Those who judge the book by its general appearance and the cover only, are not on the higher perch yet.

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