Fire In The Rain – Surendra Mohanty

imagesIt is always good to read good thrillers. I personally enjoy them a bit too much and Surendra Mohanty’s Fire In The Rain lived up to my expectations. I finished reading this book in about two days and was amazed at the way the author kept twisting and turning the story to reach the end. Surendra Mohanty has served Indian Navy and retired as a Commander. He is basically a short short writer but I would personally recommend him to write long thrillers. He knows his craft well and could definitely do well.

As they say, a murder in the first chapter of the book and you have managed to grab the attention of the reader. The author stuck to this rule and there was a murder in the first chapter itself. Fire In The Rain is about a serial killer who is a gentlemen and a charmer when it comes to ladies but in the end, he ends up killing them. He moves from one city to another under disguise, charms girls and gets away after murdering them. The methods and the conduct of the serial killer is something that will make you appreciate author’s thought process. While reading the book, I was thinking, what if someone actually got inspired with the ways mentioned in the book and ends up being a serial killer. As we all know, we have too many lunatics around.

Overall, the book is a nice read. I would definitely recommend it to people who like reading short thrillers. Surendra Mohanty’s writing is simple yet complicated but he has put everything together in such a way that a reader won’t lose interest at any point, though I must say here that the beginning of the book could be a bit better. But nevertheless, the book is worth giving a shot.

Book Source : Author
Publisher : Self Published
Price : Rs.100/-

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