Final Cut – Uday Gupt

9789382473657As I have always said in my reviews that I am not too fond of short stories. There are very few short stories that I have read and luckily have enjoyed reading all of them. Uday Gupt’s debut book, Final Cut caught my attention because the blurb of the book is very interesting and makes you want to read it. All the six stories and the novella of Final Cut stand out individually in the end and justify the title of the book in a real good way. The author has ensured that the reader is hooked to each story from the word go.

The first short story, Hodson’s Gold is about a quest for legacy. A code in a poem which leaders to an address in Delhi and wreck your nerves. “Friends”, the second story is about two friends making it big internationally, how and why? Well, I am not telling you here. “It Happens Only In India”, need I say more about this title? A three time Pulitzer prize winner comes to the red light district of Kolkata and discovers the title of the story!

“Will Reena?” is a novella and I personally think it is very well written. After setting up successful business and making it big for herself, you end up asking yourself “Will Reena?” while you read it. The Last Supper, is again based in Kolkata and is about unexpected secrets of a painting. “Buddha Purnima” is about a miracle that happens at Sarnath near Varanasi on this auspicious day.  “Final Cut”, the last story of the book is about magic and religion in the Kolkata of 2011, very very intriguing story.

Overall, Final Cut by Uday Gupt is a nice read. My only problem with the book is that each story takes quite some time to build up. I felt some kind of balance was missing in each of the story. But I will still recommend this book to all those who love reading short stories.

Book Source : Author
Publisher : Frog Books
Price : Rs. 195/-
Genre : Fiction/Short Stories/Novella

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