Book Review – Doing What Is Right – The CRISIL Story – Hemanth Gorur & Sumit Chowdhury

doing-what-is-right-the-crisil-story-275x275-imadf8fkwgfjsageThere are certain books that strike you with the way they are promoted on the Internet and The CRISIL Story for me is one of these books. With the publishers pitching this book in every possible way on various social media platforms, I thought of giving it a shot. With whatever little interest I have in the financial sector of India, this book turned out to be an absolute page turner for me and I finished it in a matter of 2 hours straight. This book throws light on an organisation who has played a vital role in improving the financial market in India.

In 10 chapters and some 150 pages, this book tells almost everything about CRISIL, its inception and how it turned out to be one of the most remarkable organisations of our country. How a vision drafted and executed properly can turn out to be a such a massive trendsetter in a country is what The CRISIL story tells you. The authors have kept everything short and to the point in the book and it doesn’t bore you at all. Also with right leadership and conviction of people involved with any idea at its infant stage grows into a mammoth and sets up as an important example for the people who want to make it big. The CRISIL story tells you how to do it right.¬†For anyone interested in business, management, or business history of India, this book is a must read. It tells a lot and it teaches you a lot.

Book Source : Publisher
Publisher : Westland Books
Genre : Management
ISBN : 978-93-82618-07-2

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