Book Review – D – Aniruddha Mahale

d-ten-years-two-lives-one-cafe-275x275-imadhu7ngdpv7exhD, the title of the book intrigued me and I said yes to review it. Publishers were kind enough to send me a copy and I read this book mostly while travelling in metro train. Aniruddha Mahale’s D is his debut book and possess an interesting blurb but somewhere down the line, it kind of failed to impress me.

The book began on a promising note. It didn’t take me much time to finish the first 150 pages but post that the story got boring and I had a tough time finishing the book. I somehow felt that Aniruddha was a in hurry to finish the book and get over with it. His writing is fresh and there is a humour quotient in the book which will definitely touch your funny bone but somehow the book didn’t work for me. I am sharing it’s blurb here to help you to decide whether to pick this book or not.

D: Ten Years. Two Lives. One Cafe.

This is not a story. It might be long, and have chapters. It might even appear like one with a beginning, and an end, and also a middle, but it still isn’t one. It is a journey.It begins in early 2003, where fate throws destiny D a spunky and spontaneous teenage girl, and the author A a mumbling socially awkward prepubescent young boy, involuntarily together over a chance meeting at a caf. But as all non-stories go, what begins as one impulsive-yet-hurried meal expands into more than a decades worth of meetings, musings and repartees. Rest as they say, is history.

Its a thrilling adventure of two people and the challenging travails of growing up, following heart-to-heart conversations between D and A, as they talk about the past, the present and the future over cups of coffee and accompanying croissants, exploring everything that floats around in this universe, allowing us to tag along with them in their journey and slowly diffuse in their lives.


Book Source : Publisher
Publisher : Paper Clip Books
Genre : Fiction
ISBN : 9789332421103

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  1. i love this book and could relate to many instances. i shall make sure my frnds. i was pleased i picked this book in the library and as a teenager this book has made me believe there is light at the end of every tunnel. thank you aniruddha.

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