Book Review – Confessions Of A Private Tutor – Vikram Mathur

confessions-of-a-private-tutor-275x275-imadgwyaaxcvpvpkLooks like this is a season of confessions. Twitter and Facebook are already buzzing with anonymous confessions about random people and their life’s happenings and recently this book came in mail for review.

The title and the blurb of the book made it pretty obvious what all it is going to be all about and considering the length of the book which is 120 pages, I thought of giving it a shot as publishers are coming up with a series of “Confessions” books. The next books in this series would be “Confessions Of A Call Centre Worker” and “Confessions Of A Page 3 Reporter”.

Set up in the most dynamic city of the country, Mumbai, this is a story of a young boy who gives Maths tuitions to school students. He is hard working, dedicated and helps students as much as he can. But when his needs increase due to sudden demise of his father, he starts craving for more money to keep his family afloat and fulfill his dreams of having a lavish lifestyle in Mumbai, owning a house, a vehicle and many such things.

This is when, things begin to take a different course altogether and he starts eyeing the mothers of his students, who are voluptuous, willing and moneyed and are ready to pay him for his extended services and he starts minting money for himself. He gets greedy over the time and starts taking risks and that is when everything falls flat for him.

Coming to the problems with this book, first of all, the plot, it hops from one point to another in an extremely rugged manner. Also, in the midway, you feel lost because there is just too much happening in the story and that is when you lose interest in the book, at least I did. Still, if the title and blurb of the book looks interesting to you, you can give it a shot. I wasn’t impressed much! 🙂

Book Source : Publishers
Publisher : Rupa Books
Genre : Fiction
ISBN : 978-81-291-2394-7

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