Book Review – Confessions Of A Page 3 Reporter – Megha Malhotra

confessions-of-a-page-3-reporter-400x400-imadkvej7gyreayuThis was the third book of the confessions series that I finished reading last night and this is the only one that I thoroughly enjoyed reading. Approx 120 pages and a gripping story, a quick read is what I wanted to read last night and it served the purpose to the perfection.

Journalism intrigues me. Though I have a fair idea about the bads associated with this line of profession but somewhere down the line, it fascinates me. Page 3 is something that everyone wants to be a part of. Some find it extremely boring and some, their sole purpose of life is to always get featured on the Page 3.

The protagonist of this book, Megha is a page 3 reporter with a daily tabloid named Morning Post. Dealing with regular bitching about colleagues and celebrities, endless gossip sessions with her friends Natasha and Sameer, fighting with deadlines and yet delivering everything with perfection is what Megha is good at and her bosses know that.

Her immediate boss, Shalini Sen, hates her and always ensures that she never gets her due credit. Also comes in Jai, her colleague, whom she initially finds extremely annoying but slowly develops a bond with him and her super boss, Karan Oberoi, a 40 something, exceptionally handsome and the real player makes Megha fall in his trap and then what happens is something not to be revealed here.

Megha Malhotra (author) has done a nice job with the story. She has ensured that she covers most of the aspects of Page 3 journalism and that too with a finesse and in a non vulgar way. The writing style is gripping and you will keep turning pages. A quick read and that too a good one, thumbs up to Confessions Of A Page 3 Reporter. Give it a shot.

Book Source : Publisher
Publisher : Rupa Books
Genre : Fiction
ISBN : 978-81-291-2426-5
Price : Rs. 100/-

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