Book Review – Confessions Of A Call Centre Worker – Kris Yonzone

confessions-of-a-call-centre-worker-400x400-imadjmmrtzewzhmuRupa books has come out with the “Confessions” series and this book is the second book of the lot. I think they are coming up with one book from this series each month. I have already read “Confessions Of A Private Tutor”, the first one from this series some time back and didn’t like it much and “Confessions Of A Call Centre Worker” belongs somewhat to the same league.

The book focusses on the life of call centres and perks and things associated with it. Nightshifts, phone calls, agitated managers, frustration, teams, competition, junk food, trash talks, sex, contraceptives, condoms and more, this book is about a small town boy who moves to a big city, Kolkata, to get away from his family. Peer pressures from the family made him do that. They always wanted him to get a government job and settle down but the guy’s dreams were made up something else. He pursued them and with the help of his cousin brother, gets into a call centre only to find out that he has become just another nightshift worker.

The writing style is extremely simple and the book is 130 pages long. A quick read but I am not really sure if you will be impressed by it. I wasn’t much.

Book Source : Publisher
Publisher : Rupa Books
Genre : Fiction
ISBN : 978-81-291-2411-1

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