Book Review – Chanakya’s New Manifesto – Pavan K. Varma

imagesBlogadda is coming up with some interesting non-fiction titles lately under their book reviews program and these are the books that a normal person like me might give a miss if he goes for book shopping. Chanakya’s New Manifesto by Pavan Varma who has penned down 17 books in the past is his latest book and I was one of the 50 lucky bloggers who got a chance to read and review it here. All thanks to Blogadda.

Before I start reviewing the book, I only have one request to make here to Blogadda and I hope they consider this, please give at least 15 days to review non-fiction titles. There are so many things to understand and contemplate on when you read non-fiction. Chanakya’s Manifesto was a delightful read but somewhere down the line I was rushing to finish this book because of the 7 day deadline that is given for to post our reviews about the book.

Coming back to the book, the prologue tells you about the world’s most incisive scholar Chanakya. Chanakya as we all know is one person whose work is widely appreciated when it comes to dealing with problems related to management.  I am too tempted to quote a paragraph from the book here from its prologue

“The Arthashastra consists of about 6000 shlokas and sutras. It deals systematically with the subjects of effective governance, the welfare of people, economic properity, the qualities of a king, the competence of his ministers, the duties of its officers, administrative acumen, civic responsibility, the importance of the rule of law and an efficacious judicial system, measures to effectively curb corruption, dandaniti or the policy of punishment for wrongdoers, the conduct of foreign policy, war planning and preparedness, the strategy of alliances and the supremacy of national interest above anything else.”

When I read this paragraph, I made up my mind to read Arthashastra but then after reading Pavan K Varma’s Chanakya’s New Manifesto, I don’t think I would need to do that now. In 7 chapters namely , The Crisis, 1947 and after, Governance, Democracy, Corruption, Security and The Creation Of an Inclusive Society, the author has effectively and logically explained everything keeping Chanakya’s theories in his mind.

There are 5 things that the author has focused on in this book.

1. Governance : As we all know, the governance in India is something that has never been set up properly. There were and there are major loopholes in it and everyone can notice them. Here in the chapter related to it, Varma has focussed on how a citizen of India has an important part to play when it comes to electing a government and must also consider their ability to run a complex country like India. There are 57 suggestions in the end of this chapter by Varma about how can be improve the governance of our country and what role each person has got to play in it.

2. Democracy : Democracy is something that we Indians are very proud of but then it has its own flaws. The author has clearly mentioned all these flaws and how can they be mended at different levels. The 87 point manifesto given at the end of this chapter tells you how we can remove this flaws using Chanakay’s theories.

3. Corruption : This is something that is eating up our country like anything and must be curbed as soon as possible. Every other day we get to hear about new scam popping out of nowhere. Corruption from India will not disappear overnight but a focussed approach and running realistic campaigns against it could definitely help in improving the conditions. This chapter was my most favourite part of the book and the 111 points under the Chanakya’s New Manifestation were given which I think if practiced can definitely bring the change.

4. Security : Security is again a major concern of our country. Every other day there is a new act of terrorism, violence against women, crimes happening everywhere and recent example is the Delhi Gangrape Case. There is a lot happening everywhere. This needs to be stopped and government has to act quite fiercely to stop what all is happening. Security is a matter of supreme importance and its high time we need to review our security structures. A 58 point manifesto at the end of this chapter tells how it can be done effectively using Chanakya’s ideologies.

5. Creation Of An Inclusive Society : To make India a better place to live, each one of us have to participate and work towards its improvement and this chapter focuses on this thing only. We cannot keep pin pointing the flaws with the system and situations all the time. We are equally responsible for everything that we are suffering from and hence its about time, all of us must join hands and participate in the development of our surroundings and our country on the whole. Each citizen of India has a role to play and that too with utmost sincerity. And this chapter of this book focusses on this thing only.  With a 41 point manifesto given at the end of this chapter, it suggests us many ways using which we can definitely bring a change towards prevailing things.

All and all, Pavan K Varma’s Chanakya’s New Manifesto talks about the root cause of everything and also suggests the methods to correct things. I am glad that he came up with this book where one is not ranting about the problems but actually suggesting methods to correct them as well.

I wish I could read it more slowly and devour on it and let some things sink in but never mind. I have it on my shelf and I can always pick it up in future and read it as many times as I want to. 🙂

Book Source : Blogadda
Publisher : Aleph Book Company
Genre : Non-Fiction
ISBN : 978-93-82277-09-5

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