Book Review – Business Sutra – Devdutt Pattanaik

imagesIndian mythology is rich and interesting. There are no doubts about that and management is something that we learn over the time by making mistakes, observing others and reading about it. Just imagine if someone connects both Indian mythology and management and churn out a book which opens the closed pores of your brain and rattle your grey cells. Well, Devdutt Pattanaik’s book, Business Sutra, a very indian approach to management did exactly the same to me and I loved every moment that I spent reading this book.

Spread over some 436 pages, in three sections namely Introduction, where the author explains the genesis of the book and his life and how his interest in mythology and beliefs related to them made him land at Future Group. Second section is “Goal To Gaze” where the author has tried to decode Western, Chinese and Indian beliefs, I particularly didn’t enjoy this section as much, and then came in the real treat, section three, Business Sutra, where Pattanaik has set a benchmark for me.

I must mention here about the illustrations done for the book. Almost every other page has an interesting illustration regarding what Pattanaik is trying to say. The most fascinating part of these illustrations are, if you observe them keenly, you need not read the book if you are savvy with the basic terminologies used in the book.

In the third section of the book, there are further sub-sections of 1-2 pages each. In each of those sections, the author has quoted a line and then has explained it in context of Indian mythology, then comes an illustration and at the end of each sub-section, a very small and smartly written grey box is there which connects the quote with a real life situation to make a reader understand what exactly the author wanted to say in the text written in context with Indian mythology.

The best part about having these grey boxes are, if you are not enjoying the mythology management connect much, you can sail through the book by reading and understanding the matter written in those grey boxes. Devdutt Pattanaik has ensured that a reader gets something out of the book.

What didn’t work for me in this book were the first two sections. I found them pretty boring to be honest. Both the sections do not give a fair idea about what this book is going to be all about, but trust me, once you sail through both the sections, the real treat begins with the third one and that is when you actually start turning pages, want to soak it all and keep repeating the stuff that you learn in your mind again and again.

The language is simple, relatable and this book can be read by anyone and everyone. A person who has keen interest in Indian mythology and is into management field would definitely treasure this book. Thumbs up for Devdutt Pattanaik’s, Business Sutra from my side and I strongly recommend this book to all those who are somehow or the other related to managerial work. You will definitely learn a thing or two from this book.

Book Source : Blogadda
Publisher : Aleph Book Company
Genre : Non-Fiction
ISBN : 987-81-923280-7-2

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