Book Review – Bihar Breakthrough – Rajesh Chakrabarti

images-1Bihar, the name only used to give me shivers. Why? because I had heard and read so many stories about the place about crime, corruption, disorder and other things. I remember reading a magazine years back having an article about how unsafe it is to travel in trains in Bihar. Well, I also got a dose of it when in December 2009, I was coming back from Kolkata in a 3 tier AC coach in Toofan Express and when the train entered Bihar, people without valid tickets boarded the train and didn’t even spare the AC coach, which was a new for me. I remember not getting up from my seat for some good 7-8 hours approx till the train crossed Patna Junction around the midnight.

Though, with all the negatives I have heard about the state, I must also state here that, people from Bihar are intelligent and sharp when it comes to academics and the most hard working breed of Indians, I am saying this from a personal experience because I have seen these people exhausting themselves in the most unfavourable conditions and getting on to the top.

Coming to the book, Bihar Breakthrough successfully managed to break many prejudices that I had about the state. I remember having an argument with a friend of mine on twitter about capabilities of Nitish Kumar as the CM of the state, but after reading the book, I understood that I was wrong and why also for that matter.

Bihar Breakthrough is a well researched and a gripping read. Rajesh Chakrabarti, the author of the book has put in a lot of effort and years to put this entire book together which engages you from the word Go. In some 11 chapters and 254 pages, the author has summarised what was wrong with the state when Nitish Kumar came into the power and how he has successfully managed to turn the course of the declining state to the fastest growing state of the country.

Governance was always a problem with the state and many other things including its politicians, bureaucrats, mafias and caste militias, everyone was trying to loot the state in every possible way and hence the chaos. Nitish Kumar’s vision about the state, endless hours of travelling across the state, finding out the root cause of the problems and weeding out the mess-makers has turned around the state of Bihar completely and has put in the eyes of the World.

Right from Re-establishing the law and order in the state with the revival of social infrastructure, industry and economy and also successfully managing the politics of all, Nitish Kumar didn’t leave any stone unturned and is constantly working towards the betterment of the state.

All this and a lot more, Bihar Breakthrough is a book that will tell you the things which you were unaware of or may be ignorant about them, like me. But this book by Rajesh Chakrabarti restores your faith in the state and takes you to those areas of the governance and how to handle the situations which most of us are unaware of. A must read book for everyone who wants to know about the state of Bihar, its downfall and rise from the brink of the disaster.

Book Source : Publishers
Publisher : Rupa Publications
Genre : Non-Fiction
ISBN : 978-81-291-2112-7

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