Book Review – Best Kept Secret – Jeffrey Archer

imagesLet me begin this post by saying, I LOVE JEFFREY ARCHER.

What could be more wonderful than reading the latest book of your favourite author on the World Book Day. Well, that’s what I was doing most of the day today and just finished reading the book-3 of The Clifton Chronicles series which is the most prestigious project of the author. Best Kept Secret was one book that I was so looking forward to read. The first two parts of the series, namely Only Time Will Tell and The Sins Of The Father¬†were read by me in a couple of hours. Click on the links for the respective reviews.

Best Kept Secret is 380 pages long and is divided into 46 chapters. You will be hooked to the book right from the prologue if you have read the earlier two books of the series. Also, what I felt was that this book has been written so smartly that even if you haven’t read the first two part of the series, you can still read this one as it explains a lot about what happened in Harry Clifton’s life since 1920. The book focuses on the life of Harry Clifton and people around him during the years 1945 to 1957.

The Sins Of The Father ends at the moment where the judge is about to declare who would be inheriting the Barrington title, Harry Clifton or his best friend Giles Barrington after the death of Sir Walter Barrington. This judgement is announced at the beginning Best Kept Secret and sets the course of Harry Clifton’s unpredictable life.

Also, Harry Clifton’s latest book gets published and he goes to America to promote his book while his wife Emma tries to find out Jessica, who has got a past of her own and is related to Barrington family. Emma successfully manages to find her and the couple adopts her as their daughter because their 8 year old son, Sebastian Clifton wants a sister.

Also, Giles Barrington gets married to Lady Virginia who loathes his family and wants to get hold of everything that belongs to him and his sisters Emma and Grace. But things go absolutely wrong for her, all thanks to the content of the envelope given by Gile’s mother, Elizabeth Barrington to Harry Clifton before she leaves the world.

Also, as the book progresses, the focus of the story gets shifted to Sebastian Clifton. He plays an important role is defending his uncle Giles’s seat in the house of the Commons. Also, he wins a scholarship to Cambridge in 1957 and gets caught up in a mess and which is where this book ends.

What I absolutely love about Jeffery Archer’s writing is how swiftly he changes the course of the entire story. You can never predict what is going to happen next. In all the three books of The Clifton Chronicles, the story has changed its track when you least expect it and all these transitions are smooth and logical. You do not feel cheated in anyway. Also, in the Best Kept Secret, the next generation of the Cliftons has been brought into focus and now the next book in the series would focus on the life of Sebastian Clifton for which I will have to wait till 2014 as Jeffrey would be releasing one book each year and the final instalment of the series would be out in 2015.

Jeffrey Archer is a master storyteller and everyone knows it. People say it all the time that his style of writing has now become boring and repetitive but what I think is he has managed to maintain his style over all these years. His books are not about how he writes, they are all about how he tells a story and which is what he has said at many occassions, “I am not an author, I am a storyteller“. Well, to know the meaning of this particular line by Jeffrey, you must read The Clifton Chronicles and you would end up loving him for what he does the best, storytelling.

Book Source : Personal Copy
Publisher : Pan Books
Genre : Fiction
ISBN : 978-1-4472-3117-2

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