Book Review – Behind The Silicon Mask – Eshwar Sundaresan

behind-the-silicon-mask-275x275-imadhnjsh4anthxgA review copy of this book dropped in a couple of weeks back and it was on my mind due to its title. As you can see, the book has an intriguing cover and also its blurb caught my interest as I finished reading it. That’s when I decided that I am going to read this book whenever I will be in a mood to read a fast paced thriller and if it didn’t lived up to my expectations, I will drop it and won’t review it here but that clearly didn’t happen and this post is the proof for that.

Behind The Silicon Mask is one of the few books written by author Eshwar Sundaresan and I went through his website to know more about him. The fascinating fact about this book is, it took Eshwar tens years to write this book. The book has 14 chapters and 300 pages.

A snowstorm brewing, a serial killer is targeting immigrants, corporate politics, IT industry and a lot more, this book intertwines everything into a racy plot with too much happening at various ends. The protagonists of the book Partho Sen and Varun Belthangady and Detective Farley of the Milwaukee Police Department are people who are caught up in solving the mystery behind the killings by the serial killer. Too many twists and turns in almost every chapter, Behind The Silicon Mask is one book that keeps a reader hooked till the secret is busted in the end.

Eshwar Sundaresan has ensured that he showcases his best fiction writing skills with this book. It took him several drafts to frame a tight plot like this and come up with something gripping and riveting. The book has its flaws at several points but then I would like to give them a miss here.

Book Source : Publisher
Publisher : Westland Books
Genre : Fiction
ISBN : 978-93-82618-39-3

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