Book Review – Beating The Blues – Seema Hingorrany

 161722_w640_h640_beating_the_bluesI came across Beating The Blues when Random House India agreed to sponsor a the giveaways I organised on my blog in the month of December 2012. I decided to pick it up after reading a fellow blogger’s review of the book.

When I read the forward of the book and then the introduction, I was like WTF!!

So many people I know in my life came into my mind because of the things that I read only in the introduction of the book and as I progressed I could actually connect them with the things mentioned in the book. Beating The Blues by Seema Hingorrany who is India’s well known psychologist talks about Depression, its symptoms, and its cure. The book begins on a very promising note and takes you through a dark journey through a tunnel at the end of which you see bright light ! 🙂

I highly recommend this book to everyone who knows or deals with people suffering from depression. A lot of myths and mind blocks will shatter down to pieces when you will read this one. The cases that have been discussed in this book are something you can relate people you know in your life with.

I am definitely going to use this book as a guidebook for myself and for my near and dear ones.

Book Source : Publisher
Publisher : Random House India
Genre : Self Help, Non-Fiction
ISBN : 9788-184-002836

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