Book Review – An Adolescent Mind – I.R. Shankar

img_book_1_cover_01The review request for An Adolescent Mind came in through e-mail. I still wonder how the person got hold of my personal e-mail address but its okay. The blurb of the book looked interesting to me and I agreed to review it.

An adolescent mind is I.R. Shankar’s debut book and has been very well received by critics and media. There are some interesting and promising reviews on the internet about the book. I.R Shankar is an electronics and communication engineer and is a software consultant by profession and has got a thing of writing.

An adolescent mind deals with an orphan boy being raised by his drunkard grandfather who also passes away when the boy is growing up. Andhra, is a curious boy and wants to explore it all. Since his younger days, most of the things that he has learnt are all by himself. A typical middle class boy who is stuck between traditions and modernity. He wants to explore each and everything during his journey from boyhood to adulthood. Human relationships, relationships between a man and woman including its physical, emotional, intellectual aspects. There is a lot more in the novel that hits to at various levels. Its witty, satirical and erotic as times. All and all a nice read.

I.R. Shankar’s writing has got the essence which captures a reader from the very beginning. But at times the book lost its grip for me. I wanted to finish it in a single seating but couldn’t do so. But, all and all, An adolescent mind is worth giving a shot for young adults and people who want explore Indian writing.

Book Source : Author
Publisher :  Swati Malhotra
Genre : Fiction, Semi-autobiography
ISBN : 81-902747-0-8

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