Book Review – Amreekandesi : Masters Of America : Atulya Mahajan

imagesLet me begin this review by telling you an anecdote first. I met Atulya at the Random House Party at Jaipur Literary Festival 2013 when I got to know about his book and also that Random House is going to publish it and Atulya recognised me by my twitter handle, which is famous for all wrong reasons, but let’s not get there. @Amreekandesi is his twitter handle and in that party only I started following him on twitter. His tweets are hilarious and crack you up real bad and because of his tweets I had huge expectations from his book and I was looking forward to read it.

The book came in the mail this morning only. I was reading some other book at that time. Dropped it right away and got on with it and finished it a couple of minutes back only.

Amreekandesi is a story about Akhil and Jassi, both engineers and belong to pompous punjabi families of Delhi and Ludhiana respectively. Akhil and Jassi both wanted to go to America for different reasons but the channel that they both took to get there was same, i.e. MS in some American university. As luck would have it, both of them land up in Florida State University for MS in Computer Science and that is when the adventure begins for both of them dealing with americans, their culture, their habits and trying to fit in the crowd. Friendships bloom, love happens, breakups too and not to forget endless KLPDs.

Akhil wanted to go to US to shape up his career and Jassi aka Jazz aka Jazzminator to try his luck with any many american hotties as possible. Both of them had to face their own share of ups and downs during their journey which makes you feel both happy and sad for them.

To sum up the review, I would say, Amreekandesi is a pleasant read. The book will crack you up at times but not very frequently (which I was expecting, and I blame it on author for his tweets). Also, the writing is simple and you instantly connect to it. The story will keep you hooked and will make you turn pages which I feel is a sign of a good book. The high point of the book for me came in the later part of the book, in the last 50 pages to be precise (Gosh, I so want to give out a spoiler here but won’t). This book would be a perfect companion for you if you are travelling or want to read something light over the weekend over numerous cups of coffee.

Book Source : Publisher
Publisher : Ebury Press, Random House India
Genre : Fiction
ISBN : 978-8-184-00395-6

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