Book Review – Alice In Deadland – Mainak Dhar

22209_332675220183618_390107602_nI have read a couple of Mainak Dhar’s books and have always liked them. When Alice in Deadland dropped in for a review, I made it a point that I read it and here I am with its review. I finished this book in one go on a recent train journey. Alice in Deadland is an Amazon ebook best seller and is an unputdownable book. It reminded of the famous Resident Evil movie series.

Alice is a 15 year old girl living in a settlement which was once known as Delhi. She was born 3 months after the Rising. The world that she is currently living in is infested with Biters. If a Biter bites a human, the human turns into a Biter. All her life Alice has learnt only one thing in her entire life, to survive in the world that she is living in, she has to either kill or be killed by Biters. There is no other way out. One day, Alice follows a bunny eared zombie and then the whole roller coaster ride begins for her and you just keep turning pages to know what exactly is going to happen in the end.

As I stated earlier, Mainak Dhar’s books never disappoint. He is one of the most promising story tellers of recent times and he is trying his hands on young adult fiction now. Alice in Deadland is a page turner and you just won’t regret reading it.

Book Source : Publisher
Publisher : Duckbill Books
Genre : Fiction
ISBN : 978-93-82618-14-0

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